YouTube Wins For Local Business Marketing | Be Media

YouTube Wins For Local Business Marketing | Be Media

Benefits of YouTube Marketing

So, what are some benefits your business can look forward to when using YouTube marketing? Increased awareness, brand authority and enaging content. People love video, look at the viral success of those short 10 second Tik Tok videos and how that platform has skyrocketed recently.

Here are some key benefits of using YouTube in your marketing campaigns.

Posting content on YouTube is free

Note, just because posting content is free it doesn’t mean that using the platform is cost free, as there are still massive time and effort costs from YouTube. Also, equipment required to produce extremely high-quality video content does tend to be quite pricey.  However, posting content (non-advertised) is free of charge which is obviously a massive benefit for a company on a budget.

YouTube is one of the biggest companies in the world, and it keeps getting bigger

YouTube is the preferred video platform worldwide, even more so than television. The reach you can get from a YouTube marketing campaign is nearly infinite, as you can now reach more people in more places than a traditional television advertising campaign which has a regional focus. With a global reach and the platform continually growing in users, it’s hard to question the legitimacy of YouTube marketing as a major player in the future. This enables you to showcase your products to the world in an engaging and shareable format.

Showcase your company and what it does

Video content is perfect for showcasing who you are, what you do and your expertise. Video content about products, educational videos and how you can help satisfy customers needs and wants will not only improve awareness of your business but also the credibility of it. YouTube marketing gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency and expertise, while YouTube advertising gives you the opportunity to put your ads in front of many YouTube users. Demonstrating your expertise, products and proficiency in an industry over YouTube to the correct audience will often lead to an increase in conversions.

Types of YouTube Content Formats

Now that you have decided to use YouTube as a marketing tool, you must now decide what type of content to create. Types of content can include:

Interviewing industry professionals could be a stepping stone as well to increased conversions as well, especially if these experts speak glowingly about your business as fellow experts or speak positively about your products as of the highest quality.

Product Reviews

Product reviews involve giving an in-depth discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of a product, this may not be the most beneficial strategy for your business, especially if pointing out any weaknesses in your own product. Sponsoring influencers in your industry to review your product however may be a more beneficial strategy, most reviews come with links to the product and therefore you may be able to gain conversions from positive reviews.

Vlogs are best to showcase products or your company culture. Vlogs can work as extended advertisements for your products, for example a vlog of people wearing your clothes could act as an advertisement for a fashion company. While a vlog of inside the ‘inner sanctum’ of a company may make the company seem relatable and improve the credibility and reputation of the business, helping to grow leads and conversions.

Screenshare Videos

Screenshare videos involve filming what is happening on your computer screen. This format works perfectly for tutorial videos (for computer related products/services) in demonstrating the expertise or proficiency of your business in this field.

How To/Tutorial Videos

Much like Screenshare videos tutorial videos are a terrific way to demonstrate your businesses prowess at dealing with the video topic. This will improve the credibility of your business and help generate a greater amount of leads and conversions.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are often animated and as the name suggests, explains something. This can also help to improve your businesses credibility and reputation, if the video contains a call to action this could also lead to generating more conversions for your business.

Utilize Your YouTube Channel For Marketing

Video Titles & Thumbnails

Do you want more people viewing your videos? Having a quality title is just one way to help this. A title using keywords (without stuffing them in) that grabs attention but also doesn’t answer everything encourages a good clickthrough rate for people searching for that keyword.  Meanwhile, thumbnails, while often clickbait can be a great way to encourage more views, this can be done via a company logo for professionalism or arrows and circles to draw the eye, both can be effective tools for getting an increase in views.

Frequency/Consistency of Content

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make with YouTube, is giving up too soon. Just because you aren’t seeing immediate results doesn’t mean you never will see results. Setting a schedule for posting content and ensuring that the content is quality and consistent will only lead to success down the road, as you build your audience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a million subscription YouTube channel doesn’t happen overnight, you have to be patient.

Channel Layout & Structure

As you may have heard before, branding is critical for business success. YouTube is no exception to this. A strong aesthetic across your channel image, banner image, thumbnails and consistency in your titles are all important to ensuring that your company has a great layout on this powerful platform. YouTube’s playlist feature is also powerful for structuring your uploads into categories, easy for your audience to navigate.

Optimising Your Content

What you may not know is that much like Google, you can optimize your videos to show up higher in search results.

The best way to do this is by optimising your videos metadata. This gives information about your video to the viewer. Providing quality, clear & brief information in your meta data helps to ensure that your businesses video appears when YouTube users are searching for videos like yours.

Other methods of optimising your videos for YouTube search includes writing quality video descriptions. Using keywords (without stuffing them) and writing a decent length description (YouTube gives a generous limit of 5000 characters), including links to your website and social media profiles is also a useful tip for your description box. Use closed captions, if people are looking for something in particular that’s not in your title, but is used in your video and in closed captions, people searching for that term are able to find your video in the search results much easier. Using specific keyword phrases as video tags, and plenty of them, relevant to what your desired viewer is searching on YouTube will only help optimise your video as well. Likes, subscribes and comments are also all crucial to optimisation, as the platform favours videos in search with a higher engagement from its viewers.

Calls To Action

If you have ever been on YouTube, you would have heard people ask you to ‘like share and subscribe’ or ‘smash that like button’ at the start and/or finish of their video. This is an example of a call to action in a video. Using a strong call to action such as signing up to a blog (with the link in the description) or filling a survey, liking or subscribing. This is what gives you an insight into the return from your videos and proof that what you are spending so much time and effort on, works. As your campaign ages, your returns will continue to grow as your build your audience if you use strong call to actions.

Creating Quality Content

This may seem obvious but making great content is the best way to increase your views. The level of quality of your content is completely up to you and will vary in costs (both financial or time and effort) Posting great content on your channel will only help improve your marketing performance, having great content will build your audience just from reputation and word of mouth, applying these other great tips as well will turn your channel into a powerhouse of the online world.

YouTube marketing is evidently going to play a massive part in the future of digital marketing and the benefits to your business can be extraordinary.

We at BeMedia are YouTube marketing specialists and can help your company soar to new heights using the power of YouTube.

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