7 Chatbot marketing tips for reducing operational cost.

These 7 chatbot marketing tips can be used to reduce a business's operational cost in the following ways:
1. Reduce staff including Front end, support and customer service.
2.Booking appointments and automatic follow ups.
3. Communicating with customers or clients.
4. Free up staff from doing routine tasks like answering frequently questions regarding tracking orders and payments in real time.
5. Show products and services and making recommendations.
6.Starting conversations doing initial screening and allowing a sales agent to take over at anytime.
7. Reducing advertising cost by sending leads to chatbots instead of landing pages for high conversion rates.

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It's projected that by 2021, 80% of businesses would be using Chatbot marketing to reduce operational cost. In order to meet consumer expectations who expect to communicate with a business in that manner. More and more customers now prefer and expect businesses to use chatbot marketing as well as messaging apps as in communicating with them. Business are advised to adopt to these channels of communication,given that fact by 2021 e-commerce would reach a sales volume of $4.5 trillion. Chatbot marketing can be used to address cart abandonment in e-commerce which could be 30-60% of transactions.

"In the next five to ten years, every brand will have its own digital assistant to represent them"
Satya Nadella,CEO Microsoft

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